SarTime is a patented, automatic, computerized system that measures conductivity (residence time), steam chest temperature, peg feeder RPM, and flaker motor amp draw. Custom reports, event alerts, and real time and historical data is accessible from all mobile and desktop devices.

Why SarTime?

  • Safe - Employees no longer need to do manual dye tests.
  • Quick - Perform a measurement with the push of a button.
  • Reliable - Computer PLC based system automatically senses when it can proceed.
  • Easy to use - SarTime Features a touch screen
  • Flexible - SarTime has control of flaking costs, Flake bushel weight, starch gelatinization and moisture inputs
  • Helps you by sending event alerts via email/text

Control Flaking Costs

The longer the grain spends in the chest, the higher the cost. Principally, the flaker motor electrical and boiler fuel costs contribute to the overall flaking cost. By reducing the residence time to an optimal level, one can reduce the cost of flaking significantly. The grain needs to be at the correct temperature before it enters the rolls for flaking. However, if an abundance of steam is used, there is typically quite a bit of cost savings to achieve without affecting flake characteristics. The first step is to know what the residence time is for each flaker and to measure this every day.

For a 25,000 head yard with one flaker, a reduction in residence time from 60 to 45 minutes can save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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