SarTec Company History

 SarTec Corporation was founded in 1983. The President, Larry McNeff, was one of the co-founders and has been the sole owner since 1985. SarTec was founded with a mission statement to produce high quality Yucca-based products for agriculture. Our first product, which we introduced in 1983, was SarTemp®, a Yucca based grain conditioner for grain processing at beef feedlots. University research, conducted prior to SarTec's founding, had established a gain and feed efficiency response to Yucca extract by beef cattle when fed as a constituent in their finishing rations. The concept we pursued was to combine the surfactant effects of the saponins in Yucca extract to increase the rate of moisture penetration of the grain and at the same time introduce Yucca extract into the ration for its effect on gain and feed efficiency. SarTec has obtained several US patents on the use of Yucca extract in a grain conditioner and is the only company today to own such intellectual property in the market. Since the introduction of SarTemp® grain conditioner, SarTec Corporation has supported feeding studies at the University of California Davis, University of Nebraska, and Texas Tech University. The effect of SarTec Corporation's products on gain and feed efficiency averages from 3-6% and is well documented. Since that time, we have introduced many different products for not only the cattle industry, but for dairy cows, swine, horses, dogs and even lawn care.

Greetings from the President

On behalf of everyone at SarTec Corporation, I would like to thank you in advance for your interest in SarTec Corporation’s products and services. We are family owned and operated and will always put you, the customer, first. SarTec is a leader in natural products for cattle, and we hold the rights to many US patents for the use of Yucca extracts for grain conditioning and specialized equipment. We are known for our great customer service and we take pride in helping our customers attain their goals.


Larry McNeff

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