Lawn Care

These NRCS tools enable you to estimate the energy cost of pumping water in the irrigation operations on your farm or ranch and the potential cost-savings related to nitrogen use on your farm or ranch.

SarGro The Natural Way to Promote Root Growth and Water Retention

SarGro™ helps reduce the occurance of localized dry-spots on golf course greens.

SarGro™ is a natural plant and turf additive, which has proven to fortify plants against various forms of environmental stresses.

SarGro™ also acts as a natural wetting agent to:

  • help plants become more robust
  • improve root system growth
  • increase water penetration in hydrophobic soils
  • maintain higher soil moisture retention
  • reduce standing water

Pictures of Roses in the SarGro™ test garden:

Root Development Tests Conducted at SarTec Laboratories

Study Conditions:

  • SarGroTM treated and untreated sod were monitored for 33 days
  • Twice a week the treated and untreated sod were given equal amounts of water
  • SarGroTM was added at the rate of 12 fluid oz per 1000 square feet of grass surface
  • The two photos below were taken after 33 days
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