APT Dairy Program

Anti-Protozoal Treatment (APT) Program for Dairies

SarTec has completed many successful dairy trials incorporating the new patented Anti-Protozoal Treatment (APT) Program. Results indicated a statistically significant increase in milk production (P < 0.01). An article from the Texas Dairy Review briefly explains the effect of saponins on rumen protozoa.

APT - An Easy Three-Step Process:

Step 1: Initial 100cc/head application of SarStart in ration
Step 2: SarStart Plus - 100 cc drench at freshening time
Step 3: SarStart LSC - Feed 4 cc/head/day in total mixed ration (TMR) during milk production

All Yucca Feeding Programs Are Not Equal

Yucca has been fed to both beef and dairy cattle for decades. Previous dairy trials have small and sporadic improvement in milk production, although health benefits have been well documented. SarTec has now discovered why past programs have not been successful:

  • Quantity is critical
  • Formulation is critical
  • Timing is critical

APT Dairy program and milk production comic

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