Grain Conditioning

SarTemp SG Grain Conditioning System

SarTec offers two grain conditioning systems: manual and computerized. The computerized grain conditioning system employs patented, cutting edge technology that provides a customer with unprecedented quality control. The SarComputer is the central processing unit of the system. The SarComputer receives and transmits data to control the various support pieces of equipment. The modem allows remote monitoring and on-line adjustments to reduce downtime and maintenance trips to the feedyard. The heart of the system is the SarMeter. Here, the fluid system is coordinated. The water flow is monitored and adjusted, SarTemp SG levels are controlled and SarTemp SG is injected and mixed into the water.

SarTec's computerized grain conditioning system includes the following features:

  • Grain Flow Weighing Device (99% accurate)
  • Incoming Grain Moisture is Continuously Monitored
  • SASI (SarTec Automatic SarComputer Interrogator) Monitoring
  • SarTemp SG Tank Level and Usage is Monitored Daily
  • Bi-monthly Reports Detail All Grain Processing Information

SarTemp SG Grain Conditioning System Information:

SASI allows SarTec personnel to optimize operations of the SarComputer from SarTec headquarters and monitor product usage on a daily basis. Equipment performance data is downloaded to produce a Bi-monthly SASI Report. The feedlot operations report provides daily information about:

  • Equipment Operating Statistics
  • Amount of Grain Processed
  • Incoming Grain Moisture Content
  • SarTemp SG Tank Level and Usage Rate
  • Variance Between Actual Targeted Water Added


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